Day 10, 4 Rivers


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Nice late start today feeling more relaxed already.  We have  boat booked to take us up to the waterfall which is about half hour up the river.  Just us so we set off our guide for the day is Channy, we have lunch, beers and the whole day.  We get to the wtaerfalls and the sight and sound is spectacular.  We take a walk up the rocks and settle into a plunge pool which provides a natural shower with built in hydro massage.  Its a bit fresh to say the least but once you in it’s fine,  Channy doesn’t think so too cold for him.  We stay for an hour or so and walk to the top to get some pictures before climbing back down.  Scott and I jump in for a swim and to get carried down the falls on the current back to the boat.  We have some lunch,  sandwiches coke and beers and chat to Channy.  A cambodian family turn up to have  a picnic in the same spot.

We take a short chug back down the river,  jump in the Kayak’s and paddle up a small tributary to a small falls and a plantation.  The owner tells us he surprised a large snake in the sugar cane and the machete won the day,  fortunate as it was poisonous, and he shows us a clutch of eggs the snake was incubating.  We walk further in and I’m surprised by a small snake that shoots between my legs.  Actually I am just imagining it after the snake story.  Up the hill you can see the whole plantation,  an are the owner cleared from the jungle.  He groes cane, pineapples, rice and hads a few water buffalo. Back down and s**t there’s that bloody snake again (it is real not my mind playing tricks) and it is fast unnervingly so when Channy points out it too is poisonous.

We head back to the village for a swim in the river and  bit of fishing.  We get chatting over dinner with some newly weds from Cornwall and we sit around chatting and showing them pictures of the Bamboo railway.  Channy wants the photos from today so we all sit around drinking copying the files and checking out Channys wedding photos. We board a boat for a short hop along the river to see a tree full of fireflies.  It is magical they really are bright and the tree really does look like christmas tree.

So to bed for and 8 am checkout

PS I hope you’re impressed by our command of  the technology, and the slide shows.

ATB A D &  S

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