Phnom Penh To 4 Rivers

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No wifi today so we are writing the blog to upload in a couple of days,  the other thing is we all suffer from memory  issues,  mine because I’m getting on and the boys,  well  they’re teenage boys.  Left our very nice hotel in Phnom Penh to hit the road.  15 minutes and the tell tale age signs are there,  managed to leave  my iphone in the hotel.   No matter we will have the same driver and guide in a few days so they will pick it up and I’ll get it back then.  The hotel had already found it and called the travel agents locally.

The journey was not the most inspiring but was punctuated by the humorous loads people manage to carry on virtually every vehicle. The scenery remains pretty spectacular along the way and we even manage to pass the prison where the Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot) high ranking officers are held.

We cross the four bridges of the four rivers which give our next location its name.  We collect our boat and take a leisurely chug down the river.  The resort comes into view as we come around a bend and it looks fantastic.  We are greeted by Francois (French Canadian it turns out)who runs the place,  lovely chap with great English and sense of humour .  I really expected the resort to be just like the brochure,  location, relaxed and something special.  We were not disappointed,  the boys thought it was awesome and it is.  Only twelve rooms,  we have 2, and it is full but probably no more than 18 people here and 6 are from one family.  Spent the afternoon kayaking,  bit of fishing then a few sherberts with dinner whilst we update the blog.

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