Day 11 4 Rivers to Sihanouk Ville Day 12 Relaxing

We leave the 4 Rivers at 8 am.  In reality wish we had a 12pm checkout and 4 more hours here than the beach where we have three days anyway.  The intimate atmosphere, Francois and his staff made the couple of days most enjoyable.  If you ever come to Cambodia,  put it on your must see list and bring someone to share it with.  We join another family for the boat trip back and pick up our guide and driver at the 4th bridge.  Joy of joys I am re united with my iphone.  The road trip takes about 4 hours.  4 years ago the road was not asphalt and the bridges were ferries making this an 8 – 9 hour journey.  Again the journey passes through many villages some specialising only selling things like petrol.  Different bottles(coke etc) give different volumes 1 ltr  2 ltr up to large jerry cans.  The usual odd and oversize loads never cease to amaze and amuse.

Eventually the sea comes into view and we arrive at the hotel.  Very nice,  we dump our gear and hit the pool, ahhhhh!   In the evening we take stroll along to the restaurant The Lemongrass which is about two hundred yards along the coast.  It is fantastic inside and I’m” holy moly this looks pricey”.  Its not,   fresh fish,  Khmer, Western and Japanese on the menu.  I have the special which is fresh,  and I mean fresh,  grouper. Adam plumps for the ribs and Scott duck,  I think they’re a bit rice and noodled out to be fair.  Waves lapping on the shore overlooking the sea and 2 for 1 cocktails,  you can’t go wrong.

Today has been late breakfast,  sitting by the pool catching some sun and generally kicking back. I hope this will be the pattern of the next day or so.  The blog will therefore take on a bit of a “samey” tone if we decide to post at all.  We will update before we leave but thats all for today.  Lemongrass later.  

ATB  D A &  S

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