Day 13 Own time at leisure


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Didn’t start off so leisurely.  Got a call from Adam about 2 am saying he had been unwell unfortunately up and down. Trotted (no pun intended)over to his room to deliver some medication.   He says he still feels rough but obviously not that rough as he ordered room service of pizza and chips for lunch,  very calming on the stomach.  The boys have stayed inside for most of the day and Adam doesn’t feel like dinner tonight although he does seem better.  No doubt he’ll order room service once Scott and I are out.

Spent the day by the pool relaxing, reading and listening music on my recovered phone.  We have to pack up in anticipation of not getting a late checkout.  Hopefully we will which means we can get a few hours by the pool before pick up at 1.30 pm. 

This likely to be the last post unless we get time and wifi at one of the airports.  If it is we hope you have enjoyed the blog and that it has kept you informed,  entertained and been thought provoking at times.  We look forward to getting home and catching up with everyone and boring you silly with even more photos.

All the very best from David, Adam and Scott,  see you soon.

Happy Birthday to Tracey.


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