Phnom Penh day 8

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today we are on a city tour. first stop is the royal palace and the king is home today because the flag is flying. Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy and democracy same as home. the palace and grounds are very impressive it is a large complex with many buildings palaces and dance halls also part of the complex there is the silver pagoda so named due to five thousand solid silver tile that make up the floor. the complex was decorated in yellow and white to symbolise the two religions that are housed there hinduism and buddhism.

later we visited the nation museum which contained many artifacts from the Angkor period. many artifacts had got damaged or stolen at the time of the Khmer rouge but still very impressive the ones we saw. many of the artifacts had been taken from places we had already been to prevent looting and damage.

we went to the mound which is the centre of phnom penh city. which is only a minutes walk from our hotel.

we went to the Friends restaurant run by a group that supported a school for orphans and street children. inside teachers train children to run the restaurant . the food was excellent I thought so did Scott, Adam spent most of the time checking out the toilet facilities.

after lunch we then went to s21 which is now the genocide museum the prison used to be a high school. its kept pretty much as it was in pol pot’s rule. of the fourteen thousand people who passed through the prison only seven survived of those only 3 are alive and one was there today.

we then proceeded to the central market and had a look around.

back to the hotel for an early blog, iron and packing to follow. on to koh kong tomorrow to the four rivers floating lodge which we are all looking forward to. don’t know what the connection will be like because it’s in the middle of the jungle so may be a few days before and update.


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