Battambang to Phnom Penh

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Early start on the road for 8am to drive down to Phnom Penh  7-8 hours,  not all driving but a couple of stops along the way.  The scenery is pretty spectacular, rainy season on the way so lush and green everywhere.  First stop is a village where they specialise in pottery.  Seems eve richer you go that the whole village seals in the same product be it sticky rice, salty fish or in this case pottery.  It must be dictated largely by what is available locally if you’re near a lake guess what, yep its fish not marble carving.

Any way we stop at a house to see a woman making pots(picture).  The first house we stop at no one is working but they have a potter’s wheel and a kiln.  This woman has no wheel so walks in circles around the static pot.  A very slow process but as the picture shows she loved us being there and was very enthusiastic to show us the whole process.  Once compled they are dried in the sun. The large pots she made about a foot across with a lid sold for about 25c US.  Scott was the handsome son today with proposition scores currently at Adam 2, Scott 3 and me 0 I’m not sure I can take the rejection.

Onto a temple, the main Buddhist temple in the area.  We are inundated with hawkers and children as we get out of the bus.  I digress but incidentally the van is owned by the orphanage we went to see the show and eat at yesterday, when not in use they hire it out to get extra income.  As a brand new transit minibus it is THE VIP vehicle to have and the poor disillusioned locals think we are loaded, how wrong they are. We make our way up the mount which is 580 odd steps followed by an entourage of youngsters (picture)keen to practice their English and point out everything our guide has just done. At the top the temple contains over 4000 Buddha statues.  Anyway they are great fun and chat enthusiastically to the boys all the way up and down. We by a pack of local currency from one of the hawkers and hand it out to them all.  In reality some got none, lesson is you can help, just not everybody.

We had lunch and the boys could not face yet another set menu. So fillet steak and chips it was at a staggering  $2 each I KNOW,  so no dessert.  Phnom Penh is the modern bustling city you expect and the Hotel is very good, our rooms overlook the American Embassy complex.  Just had dinner and although a buffet the chefs cook much of the food to order.  The boys are over the moon the food is no doubt the best so far (picture).  Off to bed for tour of the city and sights.

ATB  D A & S

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