Sights around Battambang

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Late ish start today at 9am to get over to the bamboo train.  Fortunately we checked out the web and knew what to expect.  It was a unique experience as our guide put it.  The train is basically two axles with a bamboo platform on top then powered by a little generator engine.  It runs along about 20 mph,  real seat of the pants and bugs in the teeth stuff.  We went out and then on further than most to check out a rice mill as well a  brick factory then back to the station (debateable).  We then went onto a school where the students are all orphans or victims of trafficking and went to meet some of the kids having an English lesson.  As well as schooling they also learn arts and crafts. It is supported by several agencies such as UK’s World Challenge.

Onto another temple, Banan.  This one is at the top of 380 odd steps by now it was monsoon, joy.  The offer of a few small umbrellas went rejected when I procurred a bar size umbrella from one of the hawkers.  Large yes,  dry definately.  Bemused (soaking)passers by were ammused but maybe  a little put out they didn’t think of it,  $2 well spent.  Into town for the market all the produce was extremely fresh given the fish were being beheaded at the road side,  wasn’t quite as traumatic for the fruit.

Tonight we visited a playhouse and circus.  There was a band who were really good,  even more so when we found out the only got together as a band 3 days ago.  Then there were accrobats,  juugglers and tightrope walkers.  All young people who are either from very poor homes or orphaned, some through the war other by HIV. Schooling and various skills are taught and one troupe is currently touring in France.  Again there is support but funding is also obtained by a restaurant on site which helps and is again staffed by the students, great evening.  Doing Jack now (Daniels that is) whilst updating the blog, it really is a great excuse to sit in the bar.  Pack tonight and on to PhnomPhen tomorrow.


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