Day 4 Beng Mealea

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Later start today.  It turns out Kuoni have never run this actual tour before so we are ginuea pigs.  The nice thing is the tour has been arranged just for us so we have some lattitude to where we go but more importantly when,  today is therefore later,  awesome.  We head over to Ankgor Wat to go on the ballon we missed the other day,  unfortunately it dumped down when we were due to go.  Thethered it goes up about 200 meters to give some fantastic views of  Angkor and the surrounding countryside.

Over to Beng Mealea about 1 1/2  hours away.  Its a,  you guessed it, temple complex.  It has a a large moat about  1km by 1km overtaken by pink lotus flowers.  Inside the complex has been left to nature there has been no jungle clearing and no restoration. It is visited by very few people and is virtually untouched save a few walkways but much is still a climb and scramble to get around.  It is still as it was discovered 150 odd years,  truly impressive in  a different way from Angkor.

We then visited an artisan school which whilst not on the tour was our call.  Here sponsored originally but the European Union, local teenagers are taught artisan skills.  Part of the school is for deaf and mute students who have to have learned to sign in order the teachers, well, can teach.  They specialise in paint on silk,  metalwork and  wood or stone carving very interesting and very skilled.  Once taught they can then take these skills home to make a living from the art they produce.

Back to the hotel for some R&R.  Had a Thai Massage,  I know what your thinking so don’t.  Afterwoods I felt like I had done and hour and half of Thai Boxing rather massage not relaxing at all hearing my spine crack about six times as she twisted me  was very disconcerting to say the least.  Last night in Seim Reap so dinner and packing for the move onto Battambang tomorrow.



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