Day 3 East Mebon

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Another day another temple, bit more tomb raider as today we visited several temples one of which was a mausoleum and crematorium. The first smaller temple was built of Pink sandstone stood for over a thousand years but the bullet holes from more recent history visible in the stone. The temples have differing styles some with incredibly sharp carvings others that were decorated Stucco style so very little survives of the decoration only the main infrastructure.

Its is difficult to put into words the size of the whole area covers about 400sq km. Some of the temples themselves are 3km by 3km. We also got up at 4.45am ( I KNOW) to watch sunrise over Angkor Wat, or not as it turned out, it was cloudy so in fact it just got lighter and lighter. Back for brekky and then on the road.

We also visted the land mine museum run by an ex khmer rouge soldier who then went to fight for vietnam. Originally he laid landmines but in a kind of poacher turned gamekeeper has been instrumetal in clearing tens of thousands of mines. He still does today and there are hundreds of thousands left. The museum is also home to many children who have been maimed in the recent past and who are supported by the UN to help them overcome their injuries, to get an education and work. A country of contrasts that’s for sure.

Just got back from a typical Khmer meal in Siem Reap and a walk around the night market.
Quick sherbet before bed and a lie in tomorrow, how welcome.


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