Day 2 Angkor Thom

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Trek over to Angkor Thom. Tuk Tuk from the the hotel which was an experience in itself, no health and safety rules here. The typical moped double or triple up as a mondeo for a family of four or an SUV which seems to carry more produce then you would think possible for a car let alone a fizzy (if you’re that old). We had and elephant ride into the main temple complex which was pretty interesting, man there some body roll there good job we took our sea sickness tablets.

The Elephant and Leper King terrace were very impressive and although more run down than Angkor Wat the size is incredible at 9 square km. Quick stop for local lunch then the Bayon another very large temple and very steep climb. Then onto another temple Ta Prohm(see picture of the day) which was the back drop to Tomb Raider, no Lara Croft (dissapointing) but amazing arcitecture but the most fasinating thing is the way the trees have grown through it some over 400 years old.

Tonight just visited a local restaurant that had a theatre with Cambodian dancing it was absolutely excellent the food, costumes and dancing was superb. Dancing my god even the boys said it was spectacular (their words, I know). Just chilling in the bar with a diet coke (yeah right). Early start (5am)to watch sunrise over Angkor Wat.


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