End of 1st Day

Arrived at the hotel about 10 am looking to get a bit of shut eye. Not to be our guide informs us we are on visit to the Angkor museum, AT 12. Just time to unpack and grab a shower before heading out. Museum was very infomative and then on to Angkor Wat. Very impressive as we pull up but even more so when you get up close. The history scale and carvings are awesome.

Tomorrow we are on and elephant ride into one of the other temples even bigger than Angkor Wat. We have the afternnon off so probably just kick back and catch up on that missing sleep. Now been up for 33 hours as I write and I nearly fell asleep in the middle of a Long Island Ice Tea, that would have been tragic. Blog is struggling with photos so I will try and sort that.

Sobering chat with our guide who will be with us until Saturday and we move. Chit chat, but asked him how old he was, he didn’t know. He was found with an older brother when he was about 18 months old, they think due to the fact he was old enough to be walking. His mother, father who he cannot remember (no photos) and younger brother were killed by the Khmer Rouge, he doesn’t even know when his birthday is. Certainly an afternoon of contrasts particularly between the Khmer’s golden reign when Angkor was built and the recent history it has been left with. Puts what little issues you have into perspective.

On a lighter note the rain has been minimal and tha area is green, lush and with much to see.

ATB D, A, & S

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